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2019 AT&T Faculty-Staff Instructional Technology Awards Entry Information


Individual MSU faculty, instructors, teaching assistants and staff, or teams of faculty and staff, are eligible to submit innovations in credit-bearing MSU courses they have developed and offered at least once between summer 2018 and spring 2019 to this competition. Three first place awards will be given – one for best online course, one for best blended course, and one for best use of technology to enhance an online, blended, flipped, or in-person course. (Note: There can only be one entry per course. Applicants must choose one of these three competition categories for their entry.) Up to four honorable mentions may also be awarded from any combination of the three categories.


Award recipients will be selected based upon nominations from the campus community. Self nomination is preferred though not required because completing a nomination requires detailed knowledge of and access to the developed materials. Nominations will be peer-reviewed by a committee of faculty and staff, which shall give due regard to MSU’s commitment to diversity and accessibility, as well as the university’s commitment to outstanding instruction and effective design and technology integration. The 2019 entry form identifies required sections for a course submission or innovation submission and clarifies general criteria judges will consider in selecting the winners. On the form, applicants should be sure to select the category in which they wish to compete (online course, blended course, or specific technology innovation).


Thanks to AT&T, the first place winning individual or teams for best courses and the first place winning individual or team for best technology-enabled innovation will receive an award of available credit to spend from a university account in ways that contribute to their professional development or further their use of technology in instruction. Up to four additional courses or innovations may be selected to receive honorable mention awards. Honorable mention is not associated with prize money, but winners are recognized and honored on the awards website.

Entry Information:

The best online course and best blended course competitions consider the overall student experience in the course. (Note: Flipped classrooms would typically be considered blended courses, as would other variations on partly face-to-face and partly online courses.) The best technology-enabled innovation competition considers a specific innovation or innovations in a face-to-face, blended, flipped, or online course.


Applicants should submit an electronic entry form for their course or innovation by 5 p.m. on Friday, February 8, 2019. Entries may not exceed 12 pages. Electronic entry materials should be submitted via email to Jessica Knott (jlknott@msu.edu).


Application Form: 2019 Entry Form

Screen Shots: Applicants are encouraged to incorporate screenshots of the course throughout their application as appropriate to visualize the course and its important features.

Post-Submission Digital Video: Immediately after the deadline, applicants who submitted an entry will be contacted, inviting them to work with MSU IT Teaching and Learning Technology to produce a five-minute digital video highlighting and narrating key aspects of the course or innovation in action. The recording and narration process should take one to two hours at most. Videos will be completed by early-March. Page limits and digital video time limits will be strictly enforced to maintain a level playing field for all applicants.

Considerations: Michigan State University’s AT&T Faculty-Staff Awards in Instructional Technology competition benefits the winners by conferring peer reviewed recognition. The competition also benefits the larger MSU community because it highlights inspiring and innovative approaches to blended and fully online learning. The disciplinary expertise of applicants and judges reflect the diversity of majors and colleges at MSU. Applicants are encouraged to keep this broad audience in mind as they describe what is notable about their course or technology-enhanced learning innovation from a disciplinary perspective but also clarifying aspects that can be generalized to other online teaching and learning. For more information please contact Jessica Knott at (jlknott@msu.edu).

"The awards help spread effective practice and share the outstanding work of our colleagues."

- Brendan Guenther -

Chief Academic Digital Officer